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Wish List - Things we can always use

Paper Products: Toilet paper, paper towels, newspapers.

Medical Supplies
: Benedryl, Neosporin, Advantage or Frontline tick and flea medication for dogs and cats, vinyl & latex gloves (size large and extra-large),

Cleaning Supplies
: Pine scent cleaner, Valu Time free & clear laundry soap (Weis Mkt) , Lysol spray, Lysol floor cleaner, Clorox wipes, liquid clothing detergent (MUST be “he” high efficiency type), Clorox liquid bleach (the generic bleach reacts with our cleaning chemicals and it can become toxic to the animals), 45 gallon trash bags, rubber gloves (size large and extra large), anti-bacterial hand soap, trash cans on wheels, sponges

Cat Supplies
: kitten food, Dry cat food ( MEAT as first ingredient - Nutro, Pro Plan, Rachael Ray, 4-Health)  , 40-lb Premium Pellet Bedding (Southern States), cat treats, cat toys, canned kitten food (Pate please) , Advantage or Frontline for cats, small litter boxes and cat carriers - 8 qty., no tip stainless steel bowls.

Dog Supplies: Allergy formula dog food - Duck and Potato Natural Balance (available at Petco), puppy food, dog food, American made bully sticks, dog toys, dog treats, canned puppy food, Advantage or Frontline for Dogs.


We have donation bins at both PETCO and PET VALU or youmay drop off at the shelter.


Miscellaneous Items Needed
: yard lime (non-hazardous to animals), Round-up weed killer, large and extra large, bath mats and comforters.

Office Supplies: Copy paper, 9-volt batteries, manila file folders, purple, red and blue file folders,

Donations of Services:  Pest control service, automobile service, plumbing services, air-conditioning and heating service, computer assistance, contractor services, photographer for the web site pictures.



Special thanks to all who have contributed to us in past years.
Your generosity allows us to continue our work and continue to provide
services Jefferson County does not provide to animals!





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