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General Resources -

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  1. Coping With Allergies
  2. Preparing Pets for a New Baby
  3. Reducing Urine-Marking Behavior in Dogs and Cats
  4. Removing Pet Stains and Odors
  5. Selecting the Right Pet for Your Kids and Making the Introduction
  6. Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs and Cats
  7. Caring for Pets When You’re ill


Pet Poisoning

The West Virginia Poison Center provides information and answer questions of pets and poisoning.  A brochure is available at the center’s web site. Click Here visit the site..


Jefferson County, WV Animal Control - phone 304-728-3289

To report stray animals or animal abuse.


Dog Food Recalls - sign up to receive free e-mail updates on dog food recalls from the Dog Food Advisor web site <click here>

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