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The existing AWS animal shelter was built in 1985 and contained 10 dog kennel runs, two large and four small cages for cats.. As our county has grown, so too has the demand for our services. Every year, over 500 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens pass through our doors. Unfortunately, we often have to turn people away as we are full. It pains us to have to turn away animals in need.

But too often we wind up as a “dumping ground” for unwanted pets - abandoned at the shelter after hours in the dark! We need additional space so that we can serve more furry friends every year.  We need a dedicated isolation room to prevent the spread of disease when new arrivals come to us.


And after over 24 years, things are wearing out.  We’ve had to make some very significant financial expenditures to keep our animals healthy and comfortable. Heating & cooling systems have been replaced.  Simply put, we need a significant update and renovation of our shelter.  We need to bring our facility up to a state of the art shelter that’s built around the animals we serve and that will allow us to increase the number of animals we serve each year safely and without overcrowding. We desperately need a dedicated isolation area so that incoming animals can be separated from others to prevent the spread of disease until they can be fully vaccinated and ready for adoption.


Anne Marie Kohlhepp, a member of our Board of Directors chairs our capital development fundraising committee. Anne Marie and her renovation team has worked tirelessly to improve the shelter facilities.  After nearly 2 years of planning and construction, our newly completed Isolation facility came on line at the end of 2014. Click here to see a few photos that show the construction process.


Now, we are turning our attention to renovating the existing cattery with new kittie condos from Mason Company and a new open cat colony.  We’re losing the stainless steel cages in favor of more cat friendly enclosures.


The costs for the cat room renovation is estimated to be $$35-40,000


All shelter renovations are funded through a dedicated and restricted capital renovation fund. Money donated to that fund is for renovation purposes only.  Additionally, all proceeds from our annual February Purrfect Valentines dinner are dedicated to capital renovation projects.


We would appreciate your support!  Please make a donation either by mail or through the link below.  We thank you and the homeless,abused and abandoned domestic pets of Jefferson County thank you too.