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Foster parents open their homes and hearts to animals who need them now more than ever.  These compassionate people play a vital role in the life of that animal and are a critical component to the success of AWS’s mission in placing animals in forever homes. Foster parents provide a home environment for healing and growth that a shelter cannot duplicate. Simply put: foster parents save lives!


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Becoming a Foster

What are the foster responsibilities?


Fosters provide care, exercise and socialization to the animals in their care. They may be asked to transport the fosters to/from adoption events. They are responsible to monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems and quickly bring the sick animal to AWS (or approved alternative) in case of an emergency.  As a foster, you may host animals with special medical need or behavioral needs, mother animals with nursing litters, larger dogs or kittens under eight weeks of age who need special feeding and socialization. By fostering an animal you are providing rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment, directly preparing them for adoption into a forever home.


How long are the animals in foster homes?


It varies and completely depends on the situation. There is no set time.


Can I adopt my foster animal?


YES! Foster parents have first choice to adopt their foster.


Are their any expenses for a foster parent?


NO.  AWS provides all the necessary supplies and support you will need to care for the foster animal including food, crates, medication and all veterinary services.


If I have my own animals, can I foster?


Absolutely!  A lot of fosters are also pet owners. This will be a factor in determining which pets are placed into your home, but will not prevent you from fostering. Family dogs must have a meet-and-greet with the potential foster dog to see if it’s a suitable match. We ask that you initially supervise interactions with the animals to allow your foster to settle in.


What if the animal I am fostering doesn’t work out for me?


We will work with you to find the best match possible for your home and lifestyle. Although we ask all of our fosters to take their responsibility seriously and make a commitment to their foster animal. If at any point the foster situation isn’t working out, we will take the dog back into our care and find another that will work for you.


How can I help my foster become more adoptable?


If no one knows about your foster or how wonderful it is, then it will be harder to find a forever home. Let your friends, family and neighbors know you are fostering. Spend time with your foster in social environments and with new people or animals to expose them to varied situations.  Send us photos from time to tome.  We will update your foster’s pictures on our adoption website.


How do I get started?  Download the Foster application form and e-mail back to