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AWS News

Cats in Residence - PETCO


AWS has cats in residence at the Petco store in Ranson. Adoptions can be processed on-site and Petco offers new adopters discounts.

AWS Undertakes Shelter Renovation Program


With the existing shelter showing sings of its’ 24 years of service, the Board of Directors has undertaken an aggressive effort to renovate and upgrade the existing facility and bring it up to  a state of the art shelter servicing abandoned, neglected, abused and homeless domestic pets.


The first phase will be construction of an incoming animal isolation facility. “ISO” as it is called, helps prevent the spread of any disease to the full shelter population by providing a separate sterile area where incoming animals can be evaluated and fully vaccinated before joining the public shelter population. Construction began in mid-2013 and was completed in mid-2014.  [Read more here]


A few of our past residents - passing through our door on the way to their “Forever Homes”

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